Why estimate when you can accūRATE?

The New Real Estate Valuator

We get it. Getting ESTIMATES from those other sites can be frustrating.

We give you accūRATE value to help you make smarter financial decisions.

Every property is unique. Some are remodeled, while others have better views and gardens. We take it all into account just like a lender or potential buyer.

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The cleaver integration with your property enables you to do more.


A correct calculation of the value of residential or commercial real estate.


The smart technology moves you through friendly steps to maximize equity.

Property Report

Access the FIRST EVER interactive property report. It’s like an online Credit Report, but for your property.

Why can’t buyers and sellers both win?

Sell or Buy a house at the price the lender accepts. The loan transfer feature is simply awesome. Hassles are instantly removed.

Include a verified badge everywhere your property is advertised.


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Property Improvement
  • Never higher consumer motivation

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    Quick and guaranteed.

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    Imagine if owners know exactly how much your work adds to the bank value of their property. Never lose a deal because of consumer motivation. Imagine construction projects based on budgets tied to increased property value. Ok, stop imagining. Done.

Badge goes everywhere advertised!

Selling Property:
  • Step 1: accūRATE Now!

  • Step 2: Place badge everywhere

  • Step 3: Sell at actual price. No negotiation!

  • Step 4: accūRATE transfers to Lender

  • Step 5: Escrow closes faster

Transfer accūRATE to speed up your loan!

  • Step 1: accūRATE Now!

  • Step 2: Transfer to lender

  • Step 3: Fund quickly

  • Step 4: accūRATE transfers to Lender

An entirely new way to help you get more out of your property

accūRATE vs Online Estimates

Online estimates are unable to provide the actual bank value of a home. An online estimate from those other sites identifies nearby recent sales data to calculate their values. This is an estimate because it does not and cannot take into account factors such as square footage, condition, age, amenities, view, etc. Therefore, it is not accūRATE. The company provides accūRATE property values and an interactive report. Consumers are matched to experts to maximize equity calculated on real value. Fannie Mae approved values transfer to lenders with the push of a button. Real Estate transactions now have a verified rate.

Making the right Property decisions

It is critical to know the accūRATE value of property BEFORE an action is taken. How do you know what price to sell your home? Do you have enough equity to refinance? Where should I invest my budget when thinking about home improvement projects to increase my accūRATE? How do I know when my home value increases overtime? Once you know the value the bank is willing to pay for your property, you are no longer using estimates or third party opinions regarding your property value. Therefore, you can make informed decisions. The platform helps consumers decide if they should refinance, sell, remodel to increase the value or simple track it over time. Consumers can even transfer their accūRATE to a lender to save time and money during the loan process.

Leveraging Experts

Members can use a suite of interactive tools such as sharing accūRATE property value with Real Estate Agents, Lenders and Contractors by connecting to the market place. Managing the value of such an important asset, helps consumers with their overall financial wellbeing. Consumers "collaborate" with agents and track offers through push button technology. Once "accūRATE verified", everyone knows the true home value, There is less haggling. Everyone can include a "accūRATE verified" certificate on the for sale sign and everywhere the listing is advertised. The playing field is now even! Sellers, get what the house is worth. Buyers avoid remorse. Agents close more deals.

History and Mission

Ethan Taub, founded eAccūRATE in 2013. Mr. Taub's vision simplifies the property valuation process for lenders, real estate agents, contractors and valuators by going direct to consumers. The company has one powerful mission. To help you get more out of your property. It’s a new and simple way to get true property value and manage every aspect of it in one place. The technology is new, unique and patent pending. accūRATE is your trusted partner in delivering true property values. We work with all types of customers including residential and commercial real estate. Whether you are a lender, a home-owner, or just someone looking to get actual property value to make important financial decisions, we invite you to experience our ever-advancing, user-friendly technology, and our commitment to first-rate customer service.

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